Are you looking for new ways to grow your small business and build a customer base of loyal, returning buyers who consistently drive your business? Well, aside from having a loyal customer base, every small business also needs some sorts of leverage that gives them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
What leverage is better than having a forum that brings service professionals together under one umbrella to improve their brand, and help them build better customer bases?
KUZAD.COM is a forum that brings service professionals together and allows them to rate customers and employees based on their experiences. This innovation is unprecedented in the industry, and we are glad to have championed it
Although small businesses are the greatest drivers of the local economy, the market has always been extraordinary unfair to service providers. With the notion that the customer is always right, and advantages such as refund policies and the ability to rate and review service providers, the protection customers enjoy in the marketplace supersedes that of service professionals.
KUZAD aims to balance this unfair advantage by providing a platform for service providers to review their past clients, so other professionals can make an informed decision on whether to offer their service to a client or not.


Our primary focus at KUZAD is to empower service professionals by providing them free access to a database of ratings and reviews.KUZAD was founded by a service professional to aide service professionals

Why Join KUZAD? (Or How KUZAD Benefits You?)

It is seldom that an individual builds the courage to take on entrepreneurship; however, people like you, who do so, bear this burden in order provide a better life for yourself and your family. In doing so, you not only build a legacy, but also provide jobs and security for families. Furthermore, contribute revenue of the local economy.
It is quite unfair that the marketplace does not allow you to talk about your dealings with clients, especially in cases where something goes wrong. KUZAD allows you and other professional to tell your side by rating and reviewing past clients. These ratings and reviews will help you, and other services providers better understand how to handle or avoid “troublesome” or fraudulent clients.
For instance, a service professional can write a raving review about an AMAZING customer they just worked with, so others can know more about that customer. On the other hand, they can also write reviews about bad customers, or customers with fraudulent intentions. Other KUZAD Members can see the ratings and avoid those customers or tread with caution during business dealings. The same concept applies for finding the right employees for your company. Search employee evaluations online with ease. This will allow you to have a better understanding of that particular candidate, before completing the hiring process.
Registration is free for all service professionals, and all registered members can search our database of clients' ratings. You can search using the names, emails, phone numbers, or addresses of customers.
Take the next few moments to browse through our various service categories, which include carpet cleaning, roofing, pest control, house cleaning, moving company, tree removal, landscaping, and many more. Also, check out our FAQ page for answers to questions that you might have about our services.