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  1. KUZAD is a database and a platform where Businesses rate their customers and employees. The users of KUZAD shall understand and affirm that this website and its services do not extend beyond of its primary function.

  2. Each person looking to use the services that the website offer may individually contact and verify the identity and the qualifications of the particular customer. We do not verify the identity, qualifications, licenses, credentials of the users. Therefore, we shall not be responsible for false or inaccurate reviews made by one user to another.

  3. We do not provide a warranty for the accuracy, relevancy or the fitness of the information provided by the users of this website.

  4. No warranty is given on behalf of an auditory and/or visual article posted by us, a contributor, writer, author or publisher regardless of the experience or qualification such person claims to have.

  5. KUZAD shall not be liable for Injury or loss, physical or otherwise, arising due to the user following/acting on anything contained within the website. Users may use this website on their own accord.

  6. Users shall be solely responsible for all information shared by them. In no event shall a user claim damages for information shared with any other party other than KUZAD.

  7. We do not warrant that the rating of a customer or a review of a customer reflects the truth about the customer or what could be reasonably expected from them. Additionally, We do not warrant that the rating of an employee or a review of an employee reflects the truth about the employee or what could be reasonably expected from them. KUZAD merely displays the reviews by the businesses.

  8. Users shall conduct themselves responsibly. KUZAD shall not be held responsible for the actions of any person outside it or of its users. Any person behaves in such manner that KUZAD finds to be offensive or abusive or not fitting to the standards of KUZAD, such user may be banned and no claim will be entertained from such user. You will be forfeiting the right to enjoy the services of KUZAD if you are to be found liable for such misbehavior. The decision of KUZAD shall be final in this regard.

  9. Spamming or continuous repeated false reviewing is highly discouraged. If we take notice of such behavior by a user, the account of such user may be banned.

  10. KUZAD does not allow sexual or offensive content on its website. Anything posted by the users that may be considered as sexual or offensive content can be reported to the administrator of the website. We discourage such content and disclaim liability for displaying such inappropriate content. KUZAD strives to maintain its website family friendly or Rated-G. Such usage is prohibited and if found liable, a user may be banned on the discretion of KUZAD.

  11. Users hereby agree that any conduct of a user which may or may not be directed towards any other user shall be between the two users and KUZAD shall not be held liable for any such conduct. Transactions, promises, conversations, discussions, contracts, offers, etc. made by and between users or third-parties of this website shall be subject to the concept of privacy of contract. In no event shall KUZAD be asked to intervene by a user. It shall be the duty and the responsibility of the user to be safe in using the website and determine which information should be provided to any other party or whether information should be provided at all or enter in to any contract or undertaking.

  12. A user who is offended, threatened or subjected to anything that constitutes an offence in law or consider themselves being subject to violation of their rights, such user may avoid or discontinue visiting the website in the future. KUZAD TECHNOLOGIES shall not be liable for hurt caused due to such action of anyone other than KUZAD TECHNOLOGIES.

  13. In no event shall KUZAD be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of the information provided in the website.

  14. KUZAD TECHNOLOGIES makes no warranties regarding anything published on the website, express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, its fitness or accuracy for any particular purpose or any statutory warranty of non-infringement.

  15. Where any clause or part of clause contained in this Disclaimer is held to be ineffective, invalid or void by a competent court or by operation of law, the remaining parts of the clause and all other clauses shall be binding and will have full force of law.