Frequently Asked Questions


What is KUZAD?

We are an online forum in which service professionals are able to leave reviews on previous clients and employees.

Is there a cost to join KUZAD?

KUZAD is free for a limited time to join.

Is KUZAD available in my area?

We are a nationwide platform.

How do I become a member?

It’s easy to join KUZAD. Simply fill out the Sign Up form and a representative will get with you to verify the information. Your profile will be fully accessible upon account approval.

Who provides client reviews?

Our merchants provide authentic reviews based on previous experience with a client.

Who provides the employee evaluations?

Our merchants provide authentic ratings based on previous experience with that particular employee.

How do I Change my Password?

Password can be changed under the Settings tab in the Merchant Center.


How do I cancel my membership?

Our memberships are free, so no need cancel.

Which service providers can join KUZAD?

We are currently open service providers in the following categories: Heating and AC, Plumbing, Electrical, Pest Control, General Contracting, Roofing, Pool Cleaning and Installation, Painting Services, Tree Removal, Moving Companies, Pressure Washing, House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Landscaping, Handyman, Garage Door Repair and Installation, and more.


Can I write a review about a customer without joining KUZAD?

All merchants must join KUZAD in order to leave ratings and reviews.

What are your review criteria’s?

All reviews must be authentic, harassment free, profanity free, and valid.

What happens after I post a review?

Once a review written and submitted - it’s sent to KUZAD support team for verification.

Does KUZAD accept anonymous Reviews?

We do not accept anonymous reviews in an effort promoted validity.

How do I add a new customer to KUZAD?

New customers can be added within your Merchant Center

Where can I read and update my reviews?

Reviews can be read and updated in the Merchant Center.

How do I delete a review?

Reviews cannot be deleted, but can be updated. A negative review can be updated to positive, but a positive review cannot be update to negative.

Can I save a review before posting it?

Reviews cannot be saved.

Why has my review not been posted yet?

All review must be approved by our Customer Support prior to being posted on our forum.

Can I Add Photos or Videos to my Review?

We currently do not offer the option of posting photos or videos.


Why can't I find a specific customer on KUZAD?

If you are unable to find a client using their name then we suggest a phone number, or email. A spelling error can yield false results.

Nationwide Searching

Our search results are generated from a nationwide list of clients.

Understanding and Sorting Search Results

Search filters are available for narrowing down results.

What customers are reviewed on KUZAD?

Merchants are able to review any client from within their database. The reviews can illustrate a poor, or an amazing experience with a client.


How do I update my email address, phone number, or name?

All contact information can be update within the Merchant Center

How do I update my address?

Business address can be updated within the Merchant Center

How do I Change my Password?

Passwords can be changed within the Merchant Center

What type of emails will I receive from KUZAD?

We are against spamming our Merchants. We will only send emails updating you on the status of your account, or review.